Best handbag brands 2021

Best handbag brands to buy 2021
Best handbag brands to buy 2021

If you are thinking of adding a handbag to your collection, you should consider buying one from the best handbag brands in 2021. These brands make the best designer handbags to make you look classy. More so, it is high time to style up and purchase the best handbag from top brands that never comes out of fashion.

A handbag is pone of must-have for women, and an outfit is incomplete without a handbag. However, several brands choose from, thus making it hard to tell which is the best designer handbag to buy. However, here I’ll share with the leading top handbag brands to buy their handbags.

Best handbag brands with designer handbags to buy 2021

  1. The Daily Edited

The Daily Edited is a luxury fashion brand from Australia, specializing in monogrammable leather products. It is based in Sydney, Australia, but is available in Australia, Singapore, and the USA, both online and through stores. It sells embossed and customized leather goods for women and men, stationery, and desk accessories, including bags, pouches, clutches, wallets, phone cases, diaries, and bags for the night.

Customization is the game name for The Daily Edited, an Australian-based luxury brand. But really, you’ll fall in love with the bags. You will find it in the brand’s extensive offering, from mini cube purses to carryallcarry-all totes perfect for traveling.

  1. Wicker Wings

Wicker Wings was launched by a sister and brother duo after discovering that their grandma used to hand-weave baskets for a living—makes the most stunning rattan-meet-leather bags on the market. Each is eye-catching and practical in equal parts, and they’re perfect for summer.

Although the technology changes, the Wicker wings handbag showcases the beauty of traditional weaver bags. Out of that inspiration and employing technology, Wicker wings handbags are unique in the market, making them among the best handbag brands to buy in 2021.

  1. Wandler.

Look no further than Wandler for bags that are stunningly beautiful (we’re talking exquisite forms and pleasant colors) but still plain. The shoes from the brand are also pretty amazing, but the bags are pure Instagram gold. Get ready to see all of these through your feed.

Wandler displays a distinctive aesthetic: elegant with unforeseen dimensions and complex use of colors. Every design represents the artist, as she is and as she aspires to be, embodying modern femininity.

  1. Margi Gaba

Before you know it, Margi Gaba bags are certain to hit cult status (plus, the story behind them is pretty special, too). The Margi Gaba collection has everything you’ll love and more, from the on-trend croc-effect cross-body to the dreamiest yellow bag around.


Linjer handbag brand has been a favorite of A-listers such as Irina Shayk, Amber Heard, and Eiza Gonzalez, a minimalist, under-the-radar accessory brand. The waitlist can be very long to get your hands on one of the super easy (but oh-so-stunning) purses in the line, but it’s worth it.


JW Pei bags are made of 100% vegan leather, ensuring they are as sustainable as they are amazing. The label aims to illustrate, according to the website, “how a fashion brand can push the boundaries to make products that are beautiful, sustainable and cruelty-free.” It is possible, and JW Pei is evidence.

  1. Cuyana

It is assured that Cuyana’s über-sleek bags hit every minimalist’s sweet spot. The accessories of the timeless arm are made of top-quality leather and are built to last. Mind this name and while you’re at it, scoop up a bag or two.

  1. Le Etöt

For fun, the Italian-made totes by Le Etöt look no further than fresh travel bags that double as the ideal day-to-day carryallcarry-all. There are also most designs available in a small or large edition.

  1. Hermes

Hermes is also a brand of French designers based on high fashion. Mostly, they concentrate on the use of leather. All of their bags and clutches are simply made of leather. They seem to look simpler in their handbags, but they have a lot of color choices.


Dior is a French designer of luxury goods. Their emphasis seems to be on both canvas bags and various styles of leather. Many of their purses have a more modern and funky feel, but they have a wide selection of handbags, pouches, clutches, and more. Dior has a good range of styles and colors.


Gucci is an Italian brand that focuses on luxury fashion and leather items.  Their handbags appear to be made of “precious materials” and leather. Many, if not all, of their bags, have gold-colored hardware featuring their notorious double-G logo. They also have a wide variety of designs and colors to choose from.

13 Phillip Lim

Phillip Lim is a brand of American fashion designer rooted in Asian culture. During the Cambodian genocide, the founder’s parents descended from Thailand. Their handbags, with bags that almost look like origami, vary from very basic to incredibly complex. Most of the bags are leather, although other materials are used as well. They also have a good assortment of available colors.


Coach is a brand of American designer handbags focusing on luxury bags and other accessories such as totes, clutches, wallets, and backpacks. They work with all forms of fabrics, but they concentrate mainly on leather bags. They have hundreds of designs that come in patterns and colors that are all different. They have a good range to choose from as a business that has nestled down into only fashion accessories.

  1. Brighton

Because of their signature leatherwork, Brighton is a popular handbag brand. Brighton bags are mostly made of leather, which is made to look like snakes or alligator skin. This texture gives the bag a beautiful shine, giving it a luxurious feeling to enhance any outfit.

  1. Burberry

Burberry has the ideal chic bag for you whether you’re searching for a larger work bag or trying to find one only to carry your phone and wallet.

  1. Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is renowned for making classic basics, and handbags from Calvin Klein are no different. Your new favorite regular bag is likely to be a Calvin Klein because it is built not only to look great but also functional.

  1. Chanel

Did you ever leave the house and think, ‘Today, I really love my outfit’? Adding a Chanel bag to your look will make every day feel fabulous. Not only are Chanel wallets and handbags exquisite, but they are also designed to last with materials of high quality.

  1. Chloé 

Chloé purses will enhance every dress, flawlessly feminine and effortlessly trendy. Chloe specializes in soft pastel colors, without being too much, these bags will give you a high-end look. For more affordable choices, you can also check out See by Chloé. You’re sure to find the right purse for you with a selection of leather goods ranging from cross-body bags to statement clutches.

  1. Coach

Coach handbags have a recognizable logo; when they see one, everybody knows a Coach bag. From wristlets to shoulder bags, because of their timeless designs, Coach is a trusted brand. A coach may just be the best handbag brand if you are trying to find the ideal leather designer bag.

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