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Ericdress Reviews

Online deals are something you can’t let go without having a go at them. So many exciting deals and offers are always available on different shopping sites. Deals like discounts, low prices, buy 1 get one free etc. are always talk among the shoppers around the world. People always get excited about these types of deals.

It is always great to get some attractive deals, but you should always beware of scams and frauds as well. If online shopping sites are great for you in many ways, there are so many chances of scams and frauds as well. You never know, when and how you can get cheated on different unknown online shopping sites. There are so many reports of frauds and scams through online shopping.

We are always here to help you to understand different websites of different categories. In our today’s review, we are going to talk about Ericdress, its products, their quality, prices, and other things. We have tried our best to gather as much information as possible to help you to know everything in detail about the shopping website.

Ericdress is not a new name in the premises of fashion world. The website offers as many as 10 million products from different categories, and ships to more than 200 countries around the world. If we go with the trusted reports about the company, it has all the potential to become a big e-commerce force. But the question remains the same, should you trust on all these claims and reports? We would say, No, you shouldn’t! You should be 100% sure about website’s legality, and you must make sure, there is nothing like scam or fraud from the website. So, let’s know more about

What is Ericdress? Is Ericdress Online Shopping Legit? is an international manufacturer as well as wholesaler of different products of different categories like clothing, shoes, and different accessories. According to the reports from the website itself, it currently ships to more than 230 countries around the world.

The website is primarily made for wholesale buyers, but customers can easily pick different individual items as well. The big thing is, there is no minimum order quantity requirement from the website. The website offers a huge range of products, but it is especially known for the special collection of wedding, and other occasion dresses like:

  • Wedding dresses
  • Bridesmaid dresses
  • Mother of the Bride dresses
  • Flower Girl dresses
  • Prom Dresses
  • Cocktail Dresses
  • Evening Dresses
  • Homecoming Dresses

There is an Ericdress app as well on iTunes. But we were unable to find its Android version.

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Customers’ Reviews for Ericdress:

Reading honest customer reviews about a shopping website is the best and easiest way to find whether it is legit or not. We have found thousands of customer reviews about Ericdress and its products. Most of the reviews about the website are positive, strongly hinting towards its legitimacy and good quality of the products. Let’s have a go at some positive reviews first.

  • Jane K. explains her satisfaction: “I have never seen a website like I found it very helpful to buy different types of items at very reasonable prices. The deals, the photos, the description of the products, everything is great if we talk about the user interface of the website. I have ordered a couple of dresses for my sister, and both of them are of excellent quality. Great website for those who are always looking for something new in fashion”.
  • In a very identical review, Mariam S. says, “ is unique in a lot of ways. I have found so many positive things about the website. Whether it is about the experience as a whole on the official website, or you are shopping through the app, everything is flawless. I had to exchange a bride dress I had ordered for my cousin. It was super easy. The whole process of exchange took only five days. Simply amazing!”
  • Linda R., another satisfied customer: “I have been in love with There are so many beautiful dresses and are equally good in quality as well. I have been shopping on the website for quite long, and always got the right item. The overall shopping experience is wonderful”.
  • Sarah S. describes her joy with the website: “I ordered a dress on, and it was the same as the image shown on the website. A little long wait for delivery, but sometimes, waiting for good things is not bad at all. I am very satisfied with the website, and surely looking to purchase many more things online”.

Negative Ericdress Reviews:

There are not many negative reviews about the website. Overall, about 20 to 25% of the reviews are negative. But we haven’t found any serious complaint about the shopping website. Some shoppers faced problems related to refund, while some were a little disappointed with other common problems. Let’s read some negative reviews about

  • Julia M. is disappointed with the refund: “There was nothing wrong with the quality of the dress I ordered through I had issues related to size, and when I tried to return the dress, I was told, I will get a 50% refund only. Still unable to understand, what the refund policy is!”
  • Sam S. talks about his experience with the customer services: “I had a horrible experience with the customer executive of Firstly, I had to wait very long before my turn; then I had to talk to a representative with almost no knowledge about the return or refund policies of the website. Shop only after you are 100% sure about a certain product. Or you might face some serious problems with return or refund”.
  • Nadia S. about the delay in delivery: “I wouldn’t recommend anyone to buy anything from I had to wait for one and a half month to get my delivery. And when I got the delivery, it was completely different than what I saw in the images. The fabric wasn’t good at all; sewing wasn’t done professionally. Not happy at all!”

Overall Ratings for

  • 5 Stars: 4,098
  • 4 Stars: 6,987
  • 3 Stars: 2,789
  • 2 Stars: 985
  • 1 Star: 1,603

Is Ericdress Legit?

Before answering this serious question, we have tried to look at different basic information about the website.
According to, is run by a company known as Suzhou Aurora Information Technology Co. Ltd. It is the only information about the website, also listed on iTunes.

We, in our Ericdress review, were unable to find an address for the company. There are return shipping policies from the company, but shipping addresses are not accessible publically.

Although the address and location of the company aren’t visible to the customers, there are more than enough positive reviews about products and services from the website. Ericdress reviews from the customers confirm that they got what they paid for.

In our opinion, is a legit website, but it should increase its transparency. It will only be beneficial for them.

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Is it Safe to Make Payment?

It is another serious question. Customers are always concerned about the security of their money. If we talk about the payment using a credit card, the company allows users to pay through PayPal.

As we know, PayPal provides extra security while making payment online. It can significantly increase your and your money’s security. So, you can make payment for using your credit card via PayPal.

What are you don’t have PayPal account? has a green lock and an “HTTPS” prefix. It means, all the sensitive information is encrypted properly. The company also warns its customers about the security using credit or debit card with the words like ‘traceable, immediate, and convenient’. Generally, you shouldn’t worry about the security while using Credit Cards, as the Credit Cards companies typically provide some purchase protection.

Is there an Scam?

We have already discussed and highlighted overwhelmingly positive reviews about the website. There are thousands of people giving more than three stars to the website, which shows their satisfaction level.

Although some customers faced little glitches with refunds, we can’t say if there is any scam from the website.

There are some problems with the clarity of terms and conditions from the company on its official website. Descriptions of some of the items are also questionable.

We can’t say evidently that there is an scam, but we can’t even deny as well. Interaction with customer services has been confusing for a lot of people as well.

The Conclusion:

Ericdress is undoubted looks a wonderful website for online shopping. We have also found a lot of positive, in fact, a large number of positive reviews about the website. Although there are some negative reviews about customer services, return, and refund policies, we can’t say conclusively about any scam. The website itself should respond to these accusations and claims. It should also increase the transparency in the whole process of online shopping including its terms and conditions for return and refund. Until then, it will be good for you do not shop on If you still want, make sure, you have PayPal account, and you are hundred per cent sure about the items you are purchasing.

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