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Gap Canada Review

Gap Canada
Gap Canada

Shopping online is the new trend, and Gap Canada is one of the top-stop online shops for everyone’s clothes. You will find all the clothes fashion styles for men, women, and kids. Their website is easy to navigate with great user experience. Furthermore, you will get love Gap Canada Sale as they have offers with huge discounts.

In today’s blog posts, we will be reviewing Gap Canada, a company that has been in the market for more than 50 years. It is a company which has of today has grown to several brands and stores across the globe. It is a company committed to inclusivity, equality, and sustainability.

About Gap Canada

Gap Canada was founded in July 1969 by Donald G. Fisher and Doris F. Fisher. It has its headquarters in San Francisco, California, US. The company is recognized as Gap Inc. or Gap. More so, the company is known as an American retailer selling clothes and accessories worldwide.

You can buy Gap Canada products through the company’s official website and also from third parties. The third-party companies offer fulfillment and logistics services. You can buy Gap products at their reserve-in-store, order-in-store, find-in-store, and also have your products shipped-from-store that are tailored across its portfolio of brands after purchase. It is easier to shop at Gap Canada online shop because you get products shipped to you.

Gap Canada also sells products, but they don’t own the products, but they are designed and manufactured third parties. One of the leading third party selling products through Gap Canada is Intermix brands.  You will find Gap Canada have their stores in the following countries United States, Canada, France, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Japan, China, Italy, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Mexico.

What products does Gap Canada sell?

Gap Canada operates as a retail company and sells various products, including accessories, apparel, Clothes, and personal care products for men, women, and children. You can get all kinds of fashion products from this Gap Canada at affordable prices. More so on their website, you can find the Gap Canada promo code to use and earn a discount when shopping.

Gap Canada is the largest retailer company in the US but 3rd globally behind H&M and Inditex Group in terms of the numbers of the countries it has its operations. On their website, they have categorized their product under;

  • Women
  • Men
  • New +Now
  • Masks
  • Demin
  • Maternity
  • New Teen
  • Girls
  • Boys
  • Toddler
  • Baby

Gap Canada sells products through different segments. Some of Gap Canada brands are Old Navy Global, Gap Global, Banana Republic Global, Intermix, and Athleta.

Gap Canada Brands

Gap Canada operates under different brands, and to help you understand what kind of products it sells. Then it is prudent to look at its brands.

Old Navy Global

Old Navy Canada is one of the leading Gap Canada brands offering the latest fashion for the whole family. When you visit the website, you will be amazed by the tons of offers on display. They have a huge discount on their products from women, men, kids, teens, and maternity wears.

The Old Navy Gap Canada website is easy to navigate with a colorful homepage. The next appealing thing you will notice is like mentioned deals, which could be on dresses, jeans for the whole family, and swimwear and flip-flops.

Old navy is price-conscious of the products they sell as everyone strives to wear the latest fashionable clothes. It is one of those brands striving to get the latest fashion clothes for everyone in the family. Still, even if you can’t appreciate that, you cannot overlook old navy products’ affordability.

Gap Global

If you are looking for Casual wear, then Gap Global brand is for you. Here you will bet the latest causal for men, men, kids, and baby and maternity. All the clothes sold by this brand a new, both classic and modern fashion style, and you will feel confident and comfortable in them.

When you visit the website, you will be amazed by all the products available to everyone. Sometimes, they switch what they show on their homepage with new deals on display from time to time. For instance, it could be polos on deals sales next time you will find it is jeans with their price tags on every product.

Gap brand is for the Old Navy customers who shopped when they were young in high school and college, but now they work full-time and need work-appropriate clothes that won’t hurt their pocket. While shorts, t-shirts, and flip-flops are incredibly comfortable to wear, the same style doesn’t fly once you’re in an office setting. Gap seeks to prove that their wide variety of khakis and cardigans is there for customers to wear at the workplace.

Banana republic Global

Banana republic brand was founded in 1978 but later acquired by Gap Canada. It is a clothing and accessories retailer company where you can get contemporary classic, versatile designs and outfits for everyone. Additionally, the brand sells men’s shoes and women shoes with shoe deals where you get up to a 50% discount. You can shop for casual shoes and also office shoe wears which endures.

Besides, you can also shop for the latest clothes for the whole family in one shop. The website homepage is well organized, which makes it easy to navigate. You will find everything you need from a stylish shirt, dresses, pants, blouses, jeans, khakis, and more.


Athleta brand is meant for women and girls who love stylish tights for running, hiking, yoga, or swimming. On the website, you will find all the fashionable tights wear, and you can hang with them with your friends. There are also other clothes such as sports bras, among other accessories.

Exercising is part of the lifestyle, and Gap Canada got you back with all kinds of work out gears from a company you can trust.  Besides, wearing tights is a fashion style, and you can get well-designed tights at Athleta brand at affordable prices. There are also deals sale where you can get huge discounts.


Intermix brand was founded in 1993 and later was acquired by Gap Canada in 2012. The brand opened its first shop in New York on Lower Fifth Avenue. The brand specializes in women fashion with cool, aesthetic elevated, trend-driven, and feminine designs.

Today the brand has more than 40 boutique stores across the US and Canada. It is a brand recognized for its assortment and curated, additionally emerging designers. It is a brand that has attracted fashion insiders, enthusiasts, and celebrities. Today the brand also has expanded its operations in North America.

If you love shopping for the latest compelling, latest styles or emerging designs, then intermix brands are for you. You will get huge discounts on their sale category. There are all accessories you need in one stop, including the latest shoes.

Janie and Jack

Gap Canada got everyone in mind, and it is why they have Gap Canada kid’s retail brand Janie and Jack. It is a brand with all kinds of fashion designs at heart. You will get to shop form your kid in the latest fashion style. It is good to introduce your kid to fashion at an early age.

At Janie and Jack, you will get to shop the classic and modern fashion. Janie and Jack were founded in 2002 in San Francisco; the inspiration is drawn from girl’s and boys’ clothing manufactured to create a lasting memory. The brand was later acquired by Gap Canada in 2019 and expanded its operation up to 140 stores and an online shop.

Gap Canada Customers reviews

Gap Canada gets millions of customers every month, and they explain their experiences to different platforms. According to our online research Gap Canada is rated at 4.1 /5 stars. Some customers are pleased with their services and products while others are not. Here we break down Gap Canada’s pros and cons for you.

Gap Canada pros

  • Quality product guarantee
  • Affordable prices
  • Great deals
  • Offers gift card support
  • Various brands to choose from
  • Offers products for everyone

Gap Canada Cons

  • The online customer service is not reliable
  • Late shipments
  • Delivering wrong products sometimes
  • Some complaint of wrong sizes


Overall, Gap Canada is a well-trusted retailer company in the US. Their clothes are fashionable and designed by professional designers. They cater to everyone and also consider your budget hence offer their products affordable prices.  You will love shopping at Gap Canada and have your products delivered to your home.


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