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Lookhuman review

Lookhuman review
Lookhuman review


Lookhuman is a fashion apparel store offering retail services in the US. Here we have an honest review about Lookhuman exploring if Lookhuman is legit or not.  More so, we’ll get you to know the pros and cons of shopping at Lookhuman.

At Lookhuman, you can shop for unique clothes themed on pop culture, accessories, and home goods. It is a one-stop store with all you need as far as fashion is concerned. The company adopts the social trends in designing the products at their store.

Some of the products you can buy featuring the social trends design include clothes, phone cases, and housewares. Their design mode attracts customers who love to follow the trends that are timely, curated, well-designed, and products are of high quality at affordable prices.

What is LookHuman?

Look Human is an online store specializing in clothes, accessories, housewares, and lifestyle accessories that are design-oriented. LookHuman is one of the favorite websites on the internet for exclusive, pop-culture-themed clothing, home products, and accessories, and is Print Syndicate’s flagship brand.

At Look Human, the conviction that through design, one can assert their identity and belonging propels the production of compelling goods with a spirited sense of humor for pop culture nerds and trendsetters. Look Human’s goal to inspire self-expression through outstanding design is expressed in their slogan: “Dress Yourself to Express Yourself.”

At Human Look, designs give an unforgettable remembrance of all those wild moments that leave you feeling young, wild, and free forever. For clothing, home items, and accessories, you can find thousands of Pop Culture content available.

There are creative and fun designs at Look Person so that you can convey your unique identity. If you’re a nerd, science geek, feminist, gamer, punster, fitness nut, or want our RBG, introvert, or LGBT classics to illustrate your quirky self. There are also hand-printed designs available for Women, men, plus-sized t-shirts, tank tops, hoodies, mugs, stickers, pillows, phone cases, totes, and other accessories.

Lookhuman shipping policy

Lookhuman has laid down shipping policies where the company offers free standard shipping to the US if you buy products worth more than $50. Occasionally the company also offers free shipping even if the products are less than $50.

After completing order payment and ordered for shipment, your products are hand-printed for shipment to ensure they get to the address. Because several goods are shipped, it takes up to 2 to 3 business days to have your products printed and prepared for shipment.

Lookhuman shipping options

There are five shipping options available to choose from and have your goods delivered;

  1. US standard domestic shipping– This is the first option to choose from, and it takes within 5 to 8 business days to have your order printed and shipped.
  2. International shipping-on this option takes within 1 to 3 weeks to have your order printed and shipped.
  3. Expedited shipping – If you would like your products shipped faster, this option is for you. You will get to know the time if you choose the option.
  4. USPS Domestic Priority –On this option, it takes within 3 to 5 days to have your order printed and shipped
  5. USPS Priority Express On this option, it takes within 2 to 4 days to have your order printed and shipped

You can learn more at LookHUMAN’s customer service page.

Lookhuman return policy

Lookhuman has also put a return policy in place to have your products replaces if it is too big, small, not pleased with the color, or any other reasonable reason. You can return the goods you bought within 40 days of your purchase date. You will get a replacement and shipped to your address.

You can send an email to Lookhuman for inquiries about returning at, or you can chat with customer care on the LookHuman website. You can learn more at LookHUMAN’s customer service and shipping policies page.

Look Human Reviews

There are several reviews about Lookhuman within its website and other websites, and here are some of the pros of shopping at Lookhuman and cons.

LookHuman Pros

  • High-quality product guarantee
  • Reliable customer support
  • Offers free shipping
  • Offers free return policies
  • Offers international shipping option
  • Offers sales and promotions
  • Offers Cyber Monday, Black Friday, and other sales offer
  • Product Sizing Guide


  • Shipping time takes longer.
  • The cost of shipping is a bit high.

Bottom line

Overall, with its exclusive items that set them apart from other retailers in the same industry, seems to be a legitimate site today. Lookhuman is intended to provide you with pieces of clothing that you won’t find anywhere else. Their wide choice of items will make a perfect gift for a friend or the t-shirt you always wanted for that. Their designs are also very good at keeping current and providing clothing that applies to the present.

Suppose you get tired of the same old “canned” logo t-shirt, with a great graphic tee shirt from Look Human, the place to let your spirit fly free and take the lead with your individuality. You’ll find all sorts of real,’ Made in America’ graphic tees, caps, sweatshirts, Racerbacks, and Raglans at Look Human, all with graphics &’ tasty ‘from out of this dimension, if not outright taunting tidbit sayings to express the world your true self. It also provides a wide variety of home & decor items and mad gadget products, including phone and tablet cases. LookHuman has more than just fashionable logo clothing.

FAQ about Lookhuman

Who Owns Lookhuman?

Lookhuman is privately owned, and upon closer research, Michael Limes is among the Co-Founder and Board Member of Lookhuman.

Where is look human located?

Human’s headquarters is located in Columbus, Ohio.

How much does Lookhuman generate?

Look Human generates approximately $31.2K in revenue per employee.

Is Lookhuman ethical?

Sure, LookHuman supports ethical practices.

Is LookHUMAN a legit website?

Yes, the Lookhuman website is legit, as you can purchase products and have them delivered to your address. They have had their headquarters and stores in the US, proving they are a legit company running a legit website.

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