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RueLaLa’s Fashion Fiesta Reviews

We light at end of the tunnel to have some once in a lifetime fashion products as our choice- That’s RueLaLa for us. This website has some fabulous and unique fashionable clothing picked up from the top fashion brands namely Gucci, Coach, Dolce & Gabbana etc. They have a wide range of stylish and designer cloths as per the customers’ requirements.

There are already innumerable reviews about RueLaLa and its entity, however a lot of customers still keep speculating if RueLaLa is actually legit or no? This review would take you through the customer experience from RueLaLa and unfold the reality about RueLaLa’s entity.

About RueLaLa:

The fashion supermarket is always looking for the latest angle to wrap it and then spread it to the profusion of the world. As the crowd mostly comes from college students and young office employees, so accordingly RueLaLa has to fulfill all their requirements. You don’t need to go anywhere to purchase any trendy cloths, its all possible by the click of a button with RueLaLa. With a wide spread network, RueLaLa has offices in Boston, Kentucky, and New York. Their website is very easy to handle and user friendly.

Unlike any other website, RueLaLa has a gateway requirement to enter its website and start shopping. One has to enter his / her email address in order to get access to the website. Now, this is something that calls for negative review or negative publicity as a lot of folks are not very comfortable sharing their email id on an unknown website. But that’s the way RueLaLa operates,. The reason behind getting hold of your email id is to be able to send marketing excerpts to customers.

Earlier RueLaLa used to be an exclusively ‘Members only’ site; wherein only registered members would be allowed to shop. Moreover, membership was not available for free, one had to be invited by an existing RueLaLa member and only then he could become a member of RueLaLa. However now, the ReuLaLa Membership is open for everyone. After attaining membership, you would get frequent coupons and reward points on each purchase. The website offers discounts as high as 70% as well sometimes to attract customers.

RueLaLa is also famously known for its special boutique offers that it launches time-to-time. It flashes the boutique around 11am and keeps the stopwatch going on the website itself. This boutique would generally have selective items at throwaway prices. This builds an anxiety and eagerness in customers to buy items at discounted prices.

So, Review What They Are Selling and Which Products Should You Buy From Stores?

RueLaLa offers discounted clothes from top brands like Gucci, Coach, Dolce and Gabbana etc. You can select your product choice as per category like Brand, Women, Men, Home, Travel, Kids, Today’s fix, Coming soon etc… RueLaLa offers a variety of ways for the consumers to shop for all discounted items. The user can search by a particular brand’s name or by typing in the name of the item they’re searching for and avail great discounts on them.

Review RueLaLa App:

RueLaLa has also introduced and app which can be best used to shop from your Mobile or Tablet. These days everyone shops on the go, hence this app comes in as an added advantage to this website sales. It is an Android & IOS based app that can be downloaded through the ITunes as well as Android Playstore. Once downloaded, it enables customers to go for their purchases faster and more conveniently.

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Lets Review Pros and Cons of RueLaLa:


RueLaLa is very good when it comes to promoting its products and brands. The “Today’s Fix” component works bets in RueLaLa’s marketing strategy. Everyday they would put up one item for a Bargain Sale and this item would be displayed and promoted for 24hours. The anxiousness to buy from the bargain sale pulls many customers towards them, who eventually ending up buying some product from them. RueLaLa also promotes its brand image by offering certain perks to customers in the form of referral benefits. If a customer refers anyone to RueLaLa and he purchases something from them, that customer would get a $10 credit in his account which he can utilize to do further purchasing.

RueLaLa ensures that they always verify every product, they check the quality of every product. Hence there is certainly no any scam that one can find on this online store. On website you will found very crystal clear transaction to buying and selling of your designs. These stores are handy for every buyer and seller. There is no any cheating or misleading cases you will find over here. Yes, but its advice for everyone before to start an online transaction or to make a payment every human being need to keep details of the seller, so chanced of cyber theft will be decreased and the most important thing is this shop is available online so anyone from the global can navigate this site.


RueLaLa has received around 88 complaints in the span of 3 recent years and out of them 41 complaints were due bad quality of product or services and the remaining were due to delivery issues. A general complaint has been cropping up that the delivery time taken is higher than the committed timeline which is adding to customer dissatisfaction. One of the customer reviews says that a lady had ordered for a dress which was to reach her in one day and she had paid extra for an early shipping; however was furious to realize that the packet did not even leave the warehouse till 3 days. Shipping delays seem to be the major concern in RueLaLa customers. They should look into it to fix the issue and not generate negative reviews because of this.

Are These Stores Useful, or Is It A Scam?

RueLaLa knows how to encourage consumers to spread the word. A variety of perks are available for the consumer to get additional discounts. While offering the option of additional discounts to its users, RueLaLa gets instant marketing, but due to this the RueLaLa reviews online may cause consumers to hesitate.
RueLaLa’s transparency and customer friendly attitude doesn’t lead to a conclusion that it could be a scam.

Review RueLaLa’s Shipping policy

RueLaLa offers competitive plotting a course prices to shoppers. The website runs flying promotions that support the client to hut a sending up the river and receive ad hoc shipping for 30 days. These shipping promotions are a well-known way to bewitch the customer to purchase at the hand of the RueLaLa website. They are happy to ship your purchased product on your destination be it any part of the globe. They also do express shipping for products, which are frequent in choice condition and the fastest to a possible head start.

Review RueLaLa’s Return Policy

RueLaLa has a 30 days return policy. All items need to be returned back with proper packaging and labels else it will not be accepted for a return or refund. hence you can choose to keep the packaging intact for 30 days and then throw it off. Be careful on the items that say “Final Sale”. they are not eligible for a return as they were discounted heavily.

If you face any difficulties in redeeming your Gift Card, please direct Customer Service at 1–888–992-LALA (5252) (US customers only). Their customer service desk is accessible Monday over Friday from 8 AM to darkness ET, Saturday from 8 AM to 11 PM ET, and Sunday 8 AM to 11 PM ET. You can further email them as well at

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Overall if you are a fashion-obsessed person who loves to cling on to best brands at the lowest available prices, then RueLaLa is the place for you. You can get all top brands at great prices. The Discounted items and Flash Sale are a USP of this website which attracts more and more customers. The referral bonus also gets you some extra credits in your wallet which could help you shop something more. Credibility is not a concern here as it deals with top fashion brands and they would never market their products at a scam website. Hence shopping at RueLaLa is absolutely safe; however, you need to check of not getting tricked by their small snit-bits, their final sale offers and discounted offers. Check the product thoroughly before you purchase, read the return and refund policies on that item properly and them go for the deal.

Sometimes there could be a delay in the shipping and delivery; however, that’s not a daily affair and you may not encounter that at all. If you are planning to return any items, just be careful to keep it intact with all packaging requisites and then send it across else return could be a problem. A genuine website with bargain deals, hence you can go ahead and shop from this Fashion fiesta sale provider. But just do your research on all their policies and guidelines and then go for it. You will certainly have an enjoyable shopping experience!

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