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Shoedazzle aims to spoil women with immense collection of shoes to enhance their fashion statement. The company was established in 2009, which provides a monthly subscription of $39.95 to get the best deals for the women’s shoes. They gives a chance to their valuable customers to pick on their pair of shoes as per their style and then show them off with their preferred fashion statement.

The brand has number of customers that are a huge fan of fashion in terms of fix and mix. It is easy to access their amazing, stylist, trending and inspirational designs. On top of that, they are also a part of news channels and top-selling magazines such as ABC News, Cosmos Girl, Life & Style and E!

In addition to this, it is not just a monthly subscription company but much more than that. They also have the volume of members that shop heels and boots from Shoedazzle with no requirement of monthly subscription. It also offers a large variety of women accessories, clothing’s and hand bags which is a perfect fit for any type of outfit.

However, there are no applications available for the Shoedazzle for tablets and phones. There is a website as which will redirect you to their main site from your Android or iPhone. Their site is directly streamlined with the process that can easily fix up your looks in an easy and convenient way.

Everything You Need to Know About

There are number of reviews on the site that have made the website even more hyped up. The users are actively putting up their reviews on the websites online. They are very much informative for new customers and even for old customers that are curious about a certain product. If you are in any doubt, the reviews will easily solve all your queries in a better way.

What Styles Does Shoedazzle Offer? is offering a lot of variety to their customers. With such wide range of variety, there is no doubt that the customers are bending towards the personal stylists of Shoedazzle for pairing up the accessories. Even the reviews on their site is the live proof of how the customers are loving their support and guidance.

Here are the most eye-catching offers of Shoedazzle that are accessible to the customers. The brand is well-known for its attention grabbing heels and boots. The shoes are available in wide range of height, color and material giving you a diverse choice. Also, there are number of wedges and heels that can go well with your dresses or any other outfit of diverse color.

Then there are boots at Shoedazzle, which are extremely popular for their diversity and heels. They are also offering the perfect blend of trend with hiker boots, lace-up boots and western boots. In addition to this, there are booties and dress boots available on their site giving you some more options to lookout for. There is no shortage of styles on Shoedazzle to fulfill your requirement.

There are other types of styles available on the Shoedazzle such as:

  • Sneakers
  • Sandals
  • Flats
  • Hardware and metal stud styles

Number of reviews on the Shoedazzle site are about their wide range, which is the forte of the brand. However, there are many reviews that have covered up other striking products as well such as handbags, accessories and clothing. They are aiming for more customized and complete outfits.

We have gone through the complete website to check out the reviews of the site including all the products and quality of each material used. stocks up the bottoms, top, swimwear, jumpsuits, dresses, and other items for clothing as well. The handbags collection at Shoedazzle is actually dazzling with backpacks, totes and even cross-body bags. Their wide range of products is actually making them popular among ladies. Let us not begin with accessories. Apparently, they have covered up all the essential items such as necklace, rings, bracelets, earrings and body jewelry.

Review The Working of Shoedazzle

As mentioned above, you can clearly see all the items available at Shoedazzle with their wide category and amazing styles. They offer a large number of diverse products making it possible for a user to get some best shopping experience. There are other reviews that include the personal experience on the website of Shoedazzle with their specific shoe sizes and services. These reviews will let you know whether the Shoedazzle is legit or not.

The customers can access the website of Shoedazzle in two ways such as VIP membership and basic. This VIP membership is more focused by the users due to number of additional benefits. All a customer must focus on is the sign up process to get ready for the best shopping experience. Simply, fill the personal details, email address and other relevant information then you are good to go.

You also need to mention your style profile that will give you a new way to deal with style in a more customized way. There are number of options that made it much easier for a customer to match it up as per their requirements and personalities. Then, there are variety of styles available for the accessories, handbags, clothing and shoes with several offers.

However, the other members that opt for VIP membership are certainly better in preference and choice. The reviews of the membership for the VIP is explained in detail on their website.

Review The VIP Membership and Its Benefits

Most of the reviews on the Shoedazzle are focused on the product instead of the service in and out. It is essential to understand the main service that is provided by them in order to observe their benefits. The VIP membership program is for $39.95 per month that can be saved or spent on future purchases as well. reviews are focused on the membership that stated the benefits but were not able to claim them. Some of the benefits are as follows:

  • Exclusive sales, events and previews
  • Free returns and shipping
  • Discount on prices
  • Personalized showroom per month with top customized selection
  • All the style for $39.95 in with VIP pricing

If you have not logged log into the Shoedazzle account every month by fifth, then you can easily choose the option to skip the delivery if you are not planning to make any purchase throughout the month. There are many reviews that are focused on the auto-ships of the Shoedazzle shoes in case skip of delivery was not done. Then another thing is that you will only receive the shoes if you are a VIP member. Both the cases are wrong when we are talking about Shoedazzle.

Let us give a brief about their service as per the customers review. If you are a VIP member then you can easily access the credit amount of $39.95 until the product is in the list. It can be dazzling shoes, eye-catching accessories for your outfit, etc. The credits can be utilized when the requirements are covered by certain item.

The reviews might say auto-shipping but as a matter of fact, there is no auto-shipping for Shoedazzle. In place of this, if you forgot to cancel the delivery option then the amount of $39.95 will be deducted from your credit card as a monthly fee and you will receive the credit on your account.

This credit is known as VIP credit. It is up to you when you want to spend the credit or even save it up for the purchases you might make in future. They will never expire at all and will be in your account till you decide to use them.

Review Shoedazzle: Legit or not?

The customers read the reviews of the Shoedazzle to see whether the site is legit or not. The question is appropriate to make the future purchase online since you are investing money in it. You need to make sure that the product is of best quality as per the price. In order to understand the legit nature of the site, you need to understand their shipping policies. This will give you a perfect perception of the brand.

Return and Shipping Policy

The VIP member can take advantage of their free shipping policies that will add $39 on the total order. The actual price of shipping for any purchase less $49 is $4.95 for basic member and for more than $49, it is free.This is an accurate policy for shipping in addition to the extra fees. You can even track your product to check when it will be delivered.

There is no cost return for the customers that are not happy with 30-days return policy. The items must stay unworn and new only, otherwise it won’t be replaced. The packing slip, return label, etc. are also essential for the return.


The review of the Shoedazzle shows that the website is appropriate with no scam till now. Even the customers are happy with their shopping and return policies. This makes customers come back to shop for more. Although there is a monthly subscription fee attached to it; but still a lot of customers are going for this paid VIP membership happily and are shopping regularly.

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