The 80’s styles Fashion made comeback

80's styles
80's styles

Do you love following the latest fashion trends? Well, 2021 is another year that has seeing many fashion trends featured by celebrities like Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada. But, do you know some of these fashion trends 2020 are the classic fashion of the 80’s styles?  Worry not because here you will learn about the 80’s style back in 2020.

The style from the 80’s is surprising, amusing considering so many celebrities in 2020 going after them. It is a decade of fashion which has made a comeback, and it will influence our wardrobes. Hence, it is worth knowing about the 80’s styles because the trending will go long on for a while.

If you do love Pinterest and follow the latest fashion trends, you will, by now, have realized there has been an increase in the style from the 80’s. All in all, here the fashion trends from the 80’s you need to know about.


The first on this list of the 80’s style is the polka-Dots fashion. It is a print which is whimsical if you love fancy style. To make put of this 80’s style, you can balance it out with solid colored items. Either way, you can mix the style with pairing it with stripes fashion or go extra to wearing zebra print.

Slouchy Suiting

If you are keen to observe this year, trends loose and oversized wearing has been trending. It doesn’t matter the stiffness and structure, but celebrities have been wearing oversized. It is one of the 80’s styles where you don’t even have to wear a button-down underneath.

If you are curious to try out this fashion, you can try wearing a long t-shirt and sneakers or pairing with a bra and heels. You will have a relaxed, cool vibe style. It is one of the 2020 looks celebrities are enjoying.

Hot Pants

Even the top brands have manufacturing hot pants due to their fashion trend this year. Wearing hot pants is the 80’s style, which has made a comeback in 2020. Everyone loves the style from young to old. If you are still stuck to the shorts or leggy styles fashion, hot pants have taken place.


Bodysuits fashion is one of the 80’s classic styles during the Madonna era. It is a fashion that has made a comeback trending up to date. The underwear/bodysuits are every woman’s wardrobe essential. You can wear the bodysuits along your high waist jeans go out.


A turtleneck is a fashion trend that started in 2019 and made a hit early 2020 and still trending. The fashion is from the 80’s style featured by an American Brooke Shields. The fashion trend has seen top brands manufacturing turtlenecks for both men and women.

It is a fashion trend that has also been featured in the latest week’s fashion trends globally. Wearing a turtleneck is paired with braziers or jacket over a shirt.

Checked Outerwear

Checked outerwear is an incredible fashion which has also made come back in 2020 fashion trend. There are plaid coats everywhere, which is not a coincidence. More so, this fashion is featured by Princess Diana wearing a heritage check on her jacket while she matches the skirt. It is a classic fashion dating 80’s styles.


The incredible look wearing a tailoring fashion has seared into several people’s minds resulting in it making into this year fashion trend. Wearing tailoring is the 80’s style, and celebrities have been featured with this fashion this year. This classic style gives less than a fierce look. The tailoring fashion comes with different colors choose your favorite and style up with makeup featuring that color.


Miniskirt has featured the 2020 fashion, and every shop is selling the outfit due to high demand. It is styled from the 80’s during Kylie Minogue’s “bad-girl” stage fashion. You can pair the miniskirt with bodysuits and high hills for a cool look.

High-Waist Jeans

High waist jeans fashion has been an all-time fashion, but 2020 has seen serious love for high waist jeans more than in past years. It is a fashion which started wat back in 80’s.  Every top brand is manufacturing high waist jeans due to high demand. Everywhere you will see shops selling high waist jeans.


Tights have made it to the 2020 trending fashion. It is a fashion that is featured by 80’s celebrities such as Debbie Harry. Today tights have been made to weekly fashion trends across the globe. If you observe around people, have adopted the trend.

Bold Buttons

The bold button fashion trend has resurfaced this year, not from old-school joggers to jeans but on trousers. During the 80;s this fashion style was mainly on Balmain blazers, which up to date are popular.

During the 80’s Jerry Hall was featured in the fashion trend wearing gold buttons down her nautical blazer. It was a powerful look then, and today the fashion has made a comeback, and we anticipate seeing more.


While tight jeans have hit the trends of several years ago, leggings have made a comeback. It the 80’s style more so featured by Joan Jett. You can today pair your leggings with a jacket and have a cool look. It is equal to the tight jeans and jacket fashion, which has been outdated by leggings.

Geek-Chic Glasses

Geek-chic glasses fashion is popular today, but they took off in the 1980s. Although we may now all be in metal frames, we expect the colorful frames will come back as seen here on Jane Fonda. Celebrities love wearing glass, which has resulted in a come of the Greek-chic glass fashion, and we expect more people to adopt the fashion.


Wearing gloves around even when its summer is another latest trend fashion dating way back in 80’s styles. Daryl Hannah’s inspired this fashion in the 1980s with all the decent accessories making a comeback in 2020. If you keenly follow the latest fashion trend will realize gloves are making way back.

Skirt Suits

The formal events have featured more skirt suits fashion than in recent years. Does this mean the skirt suit is back? It is not a coincidence more people at the parties and offices are wearing skirts suits more so in this ultra-match form.

During the 1980’s Sarah Ferguson and Princes of Wale, Diana is among the key celebrities we featured with Skirt suits fashion.

Bottom line

As the year 2020 fashion trend is concerned, it is important to note that most fashion trends making headlines are a comeback from the 80’s styles. These are classic fashion, which was cool then and also look cooler today.

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