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Universal standard review

universal-standard review

Women love shopping, but ladies have a hard time trying to get their clothing sizes for the Plus size. But all thanks to Universal Standard women clothing shop today, all women, despite either skinny or Plus size, can find fitting clothes. It is a shop dedicated to ending the stereotype in women fashion in regard to their sizes.

Research shows more than 68% of women in America wear plus-size clothes ranging from size 14 and above. However, the fashion industry has ignored these statistics over the years and failed to consider these plus size women. Until 2016, two ladies co-founders Alexandra Walman and Polina Veksler, after frustrations to find clothes size 12, decided to come up with an all-inclusive women fashion shop.

Despite considering design size 12 and above for women, they were determined to maintain high-quality clothes and offer all clothes categories for the women from dresses and tops to trousers. This article will review the Universal Standard shop from what they offer and why you should shop with them.

What does the universal standard mean?

Universal Standard refers to an online and on store dedicated to offer all sizes of clothes for women of all categories. The shop was founded in 2016 by Alexandra Walman and Polina Veksler. The main aim of this shop was to offer all size-inclusive clothes for women. It is still a new brand in the market but has gained momentum and acceptance over the four years.

Universal Standard offers urban women sizes ranging from 10 up to 28. All the brand clothes are well-fitting despite being worn by curvier women. The designers don’t compromise the aesthetics hence uses a deliberate design process involving multiple fit models to come up with quality yet fitting garments for plus-size women.

The idea of starting this shop came about after the co-founders hard time shipping for their size 12 clothes and, out of this frustration, thought of ways to change this phenomenon. They need to see a change in the fashion industry and have a shop that caters to all size women, whether skinny of plus size or curvier.

Alexandra Walman and Polina Veksler were shopping friends for several years. They took this idea of offering size 40 while offering size 00 clothes for women and ending the stereotype around women sizes. It is an ideal that seemed impossible, but today, they realized their goals and established a Universal standard shop.


Polina and Alex left the world of Private Equity and Fashion Journalism in September 2015, determined to solve this real problem. They set out to change how women view fashion, lift expectations, and set a new standard. Starting with the idea that clothes should look good and feel good, they developed their fabrics, gathered a keen perspective on their designs. They created a line of modern and higher critical items with a trendy, core, yet classic esthetic – offering women a new norm of style, experience, and creativity.

It is an effort that has beard fruits, and today, they established the Universal Standard, and despite their obsession with sizes, they had to design high quality and stylish clothes. The two co-founders have established online and store shop, all size-inclusive, and set new fashion industry standards.

What you can shop for are Universal standards.

If you have been looking for all sizes inclusive clothes shop, especially if you are a curvier lady, Universal Standard is the best option. You can shop either through their website online or visit their store located in SoHo the US 192 Mercer Street, Floor 4 NY, NY 10012 646-678-3058, but you have made a booking before visiting the store. The best way to shop from Universal Standard is through their website and have the clothes delivered to your address.  Here are some of the clothes categories you can shop from Universal standards.


You will love shopping for Demin clothe category from Universal standard. The shop center design all denim wear of high quality and style for all of the US. Here you can find quality denim freedom sizes from 000 to size 40. They have more so categorized their denim clothing category for easy navigating in their site. You can find Demin clothes under the following subcategory ALL HIGH RISE, MID RISE, CROPPED, BOOTCUT, BOYFRIEND, FLARESKINNY, and PETITES.


Whether you are looking for casual or work dresses, Universal Standard will dress you to get the instantaneous choices for managing your wardrobe. All the dresses are made from the fabrics that will make you fall in love. From the softest cotton Jersey to silk-like Cupro to buttery-smooth Satin to lightweight denim to not-too-sheer mesh US dresses are designed to keep up with all of your everyday to-dos with the latest fabrics.

Let’s be frank; your simplest choice of outfit deserves a style that does not lack comfort. They all sizes dress from 00 to 40. Even if you are a curvier lady, this shop caters to you with stylized and aesthetic dresses to choose from. It is easy to shop as the dresses are categorized as the following ALL, WORK, CASUALS, SWEATSHIRT & T-SHIRT, BASE-LAYERS, SHIFT, MIDI, WRAP, JUMP, SUITS, and COCKTAIL.


The third category is new clothes you can shop for the latest and newest all kinds of women’s clothes from US designers. The universal standards designers ensure the shop is loaded with brand new clothes now and then meets your demand and adds them to your collection. You should sign up for their website to be checking new additions every week.



The other important category I can’t miss to mention in this Universal Standard review is the save. You can save up to 70% if you shop for products under the same category. The discount is indicated under each product. There are all kinds of products, from dresses to tops and low reduced prices. You can explore the category to see more.

How to shop at Universal standard

The Universal standard is well organized for easy navigation. All the product are well categorized, and you can shop products under the following categories PICK OF THE MONTH, NEW ARRIVALS, JUMPSUITS, ATHLEISURE, DENIM, DRESSES, FIT LIBERTY, SLEEPWEAR, PREGNANCY, CLOTHES, JACKETS & COATS, PANTS & LEGGINGS, SKIRTS, SWEATERS, WORKWEAR, T-SHIRTS, and TOPS.

Why shop at Universal standard

Even though Universal Standard has been in the market, for now, four years, there are several reasons why you should consider shopping at this brand new shop. Here we have researched some of the reasons why to shop at Universal Standard.

High-quality products

Universal Standard has been providing high-quality wardrobe basics for all women, with sizes varying from 00-40. The brand has been satisfying shoppers with the fresh, high-quality, beautiful basics they deserve over the past four years. You can shop for the latest designer clothes and styles of all sizes.

All sizes are available.

Universal Standard is the world’s largest-sized run shop, providing all women with collect sizes either regular, tall, and petite lengths from sizes 00-40. And, every size was designed with all women in mind, not just fit models. Universal Stanard has introduced a new feature, “See it in My Size,”  that allows you to see the pants worn by real women in any size throughout the entire series. All clothing is made of a comfortable high-stretch fabric, available in a number of washes and designs.

All clothes categories in one shop

The Universal Standard sale includes some of its most famous pieces, including the Geneva Dress, an adorable, casual-yet-chic T-shirt dress, the high-rise Seine skinny jeans, and their “Base Range” of everyday staples, including a classic striped tee, if we’ve ever seen one, a true wardrobe workhorse. Prices have been lowered to up to 75% off. The mission of Universal Standard is to offer well-fitting clothing no matter the size of all categories from tops to trousers.

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